Marketing the Value of GIS

This section has been developed as a direct result of the GIS strategic planning outreach sessions conducted througout the state. Many people indicated a need and desire to share the value of GIS with decision makers in their organizations and asked for help with ways to do this.

Only by effectively communicating the value and benefit of GIS to those outside the GIS community can we get the proper emphasis placed on GIS. This must be done in order to make certain that funding and other resources are made available. A well supported GIS can pay for itself many times over in direct cost savings, more informed decision making, etc. Please feel free to use the materials below. If you have materials that may help communicate the importance and benefit of GIS please contact us.

Agriculture - this document is from the "Maps Matter" campaign for GIS. It can be used as a template idea and/or for the message and content. The document was provided by the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC). Many more documents of a similar type are available and will be placed out here in the future as they are completed. If you need one ASAP, please contact us.

Become a GIS Champion GIS Advertising Campaign - these documents were first printed in the National Association of Counties publication to help education decision makers on the value of GIS. They are broken down by subject type. These documents can be used just as they are, or their content can be used elsewhere, or the layout of the documents can be used as template ideas for your own content. These were provided by the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC).

What Can GIS Be Used For? - This document provides a list of potential uses of GIS broken down by county function / organization. Areas discussed range from the Assessor's Office to economic development, to law enforcement and more. The original intent of this document was to highlight usage within Newberry County, but the ideas can be utilized by municipalities, other counties and more. Click here to download an editable version in MS Word. Click here to download a PDF version. Document developed and hosted here with permission by Bob Beard, GIS Coordinator for Newberry County, South Carolina.

What Can LiDAR Be Used For? - This document was written by the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) with local government input as to the various uses of LiDAR at the state and local level. It can be a beneficial tool in order to help justify the acquisition of LiDAR data.

GIS Talking Points and Marketing Communication - This document was written as a companion piece to the SC GIS strategic plan. It contains the following: talking points for GIS stakeholders to use when talking about the benefits of GIS with decision makers, a case study of the Graniteville incident and how the use of GIS was beneficial during the response, and a marketing/communications plan.







Note: if you have any documents to add or share, or if any errors are found, please contact us.

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