GIS Resources

GIS Marketing Page - here you will find information, documents and templates that you can use to help educate decision makers and the general public on the benefits and use of GIS. The marketing page and the idea for it are direct results of the GIS outreach sessions conducted in the fall of 2007 for the GIS strategic planning efforts. Materials will continue to be added over time.

South Carolina Geographic Information Council Information

South Carolina GIS Data Clearinghouse

South Carolina GIS Contacts - contains phone numbers, email addresses, and web links (where available) to city and county GIS resources throughout the state.

Digital Coast - hosted by NOAA, this site has a (free) series of very high quality tools and data available for use in looking at coastal inundation, marine planning, etc. In addition, training is available both online and in classroom settings. Here's the full description from NOAA:

To be successful, state and local officials need more than just data. Coastal organizations need the tools, information, and training used to turns these data into useful information. NOAA's Digital Coast is this resource. The data selection is diverse (e.g., elevation, land cover, shoreline, benthic, orthoimagery, socioeconomics, etc.), as are the companion resources. The Coastal Inundation Toolkit is particularly helpful at showing users how spatial information can be used to help address their inundation issues. This extensive resource includes basic information about inundation, simple visualization tools, easy access to county-level data, and a guidebook and training opportunity that features a four step process for creating local inundation maps. Website content continues to grow with contributions and guidance from Digital Coast partners and users.

Other South Carolina GIS Links

USC Map Library - The USC Map Library, located in the Thomas Cooper Library, has a tremendous volume of resources available in both GIS and analog formats including current and historic maps and aerial photos.

SCARC - The South Carolina Arc User Network is a local network of GIS users and providers.

GAASC - Geospatial Administrators Association of South Carolina - mission is to establish a network and forum of management professionals from both GIS and IT disciplines to share knowledge, experience, and resources, as well as collaborate on common issues, problems, and needs.

Other Important GIS Links

TIGERweb - TIGERweb is a set of web-based Geography Division applications and services that allow users to view and query boundaries and attribute information for geographic entities that are stored in the MAF/TIGER database. The TIGERweb does not include demographic data, but it contains geographic entity codes that can be linked to the Census Bureau’s demographic data, available on American FactFinder. Along with TIGER WMS there is a TIGERweb viewer, or you can use ArcGIS or other software to connect to the TIGERweb service