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This project is complete, and the documents are available at the bottom of this page. The results from the project, however, are active. The pilot projects identified and initiated through development of the strategic plan have been moved into full production. Thank you to everyone within local and state government that participated in any capacity to provide feedback and input.


South Carolina was fortunate to be awarded a CAP Grant in 2008 for the 50 States Initiative Program. The goal of the project was a strategic plan and business plan that we can use moving forward within the state. The plan was developed based on feedback from the outreach sessions.

It was extremely important that as many GIS stakeholders as possible participate in the strategic planning effort. Who are the stakeholders? GIS practitioners of course, but also decision makers who use GIS products such as maps, those that would like to use GIS in their organizations, etc. The intention was to give a voice to everyone, learn what works and what doesn’t, where barriers and opportunities exist, and to identify ways in which to remove as many barriers as possible.  The actual outreach sessions have been moderated by Applied Geographics. They also took the lead in writing the plans. 

Outreach Sessions And Survey

The outreach sessions concluded November 20th. They were held in five locations throughout the state (Columbia, Florence, Greenville, Aiken and Walterboro). In addition, there was an online survey to solicit feedback from people regardless of their ability to attend one of the outreach sessions. At this point the survey is closed and the feedback provided from the survey and during the outreach sessions has been put together for use in the strategic planning document.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The information collected from the sessions, survey, etc. has been used in order to develop preliminary findings that you can download in the "Documents" section below. In addition, this information is being used for development of the strategic plan for South Carolina's GIS. Over the winter months, the ideas provided will continue to be structured into a plan that will ultimately result in a written document.


The documents below are listed in the chronological order in which they were developed.

Outreach Presentation - this contains a copy of the presentation used at each of the outreach sessions. It has been modified along the way to include some content provided by earlier outreach sessions.

Preliminary Findings - this file contains the very preliminary findings based on the outreach sessions. We have a lot of work to do on this document, and it will need additional information before we will be able to turn it into a strategic plan. This has not been modified since we received it.

Online Survey Analysis Report - This report documents a component of the SCGIS Outreach and Strategic Planning project undertaken by the South Carolina Geographic Information Council (SCGIC), with funding assistance from the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC).  This component will inform the Strategic Plan document, which is under development. The online survey was conducted during November-December 2008, comprising 27 questions posted on a website for this purpose. 

Strategic Planning Goals Document - this document contains the mission statement and goals for the strategic plan, and will serve as the backbone of the plan itself. It is currently open for comment for all interested parties. Please provide all feedback on or before February 20th for inclusion in the next version of the strategic plan.

Strategic Plan (updated 2010) - this document is the completed strategic plan, and includes input from both state and local government organizations. It is being used as a framework basis and measuring tool for moving forward with GIS coordination in SC. As an good strategic plan must remain flexible, this is a working document that will continue to be modified over time in order to reflect (current) needs. If you have any feedback or thoughts on the document, please contact us.

GIS Talking Points and Marketing Communication - This document was written as a companion piece to the strategic plan. It contains the following: talking points for GIS stakeholders to use when talking about the benefits of GIS with decision makers, a case study of the Graniteville incident and how the use of GIS was beneficial during the response, and a marketing/communications plan.

If you are a government organization in South Carolina (state or local) you may post projects and activities in this section. Please contact us for more information.

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  • If you are a government organization in South Carolina (state or local) you may post projects and activities in this section. Please contact us for more information.