HURRICANE IRMA - Disaster / Major Event Data

LAST UPDATED 9/14/2017, AM


IMAGERY and FEDERAL RESOURCES 9/19/17, AM - It is not expected that many (if any) additional updates will be posted to this event. However, several data providers may reprocess or add additional imagery or data as it is refined. Examine the latest document on the FTP for more information.

Here are links to collated documents containing imagery and data download links and information for Hurricane Irma (2017):


Free Analytics Mapping Site

Two new free resources available for Harvey and Irma were published this summer. Analyses of infrastructure impacts are published daily at concentrating on insights from the VERDE situation awareness engine.

The interactive FREE map powered by VERDE is the second resource and can be accessed at

FEMA Geoplatform


SC DOT Road Closures Due to Irma -,%202017)


SC DOT kml files

SC DOT Evacuation routes – we haven’t had any lane reversals data yet (9/7/17 am), but as soon as they occur – you will see it there.


Building Footprints - zip file containing the preliminary building extraction results for Georgia and coastal counties of South Carolina. It uses a minimalist approach to attribution and metadata. This data was filtered with the 450 SqFt. threshold.This data may be useful to you.  It is an experimental product Homeland Security is doing with Oak Ridge National Lab to rapidly extract building outlines from high resolution satellite imagery for large areas.


County street atlas -

County imagery service:


Latest imagery available on ESRI community basemap

Geographic Information
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