Historic Maps

Below you will find links and downloads to some historic maps of South Carolina as well as other geographic links of interest.

USC Libraries - The libraries at the University of South Carolina in Columbia have multiple collections including those held at the Thomas Cooper Library, and also at the Caroliniana Library on the Horseshoe on campus grounds. Some are physical collections and some are available online as well.

Robert Mills - A Google search will result in a large number of hits for Robert Mills atlas - some images are georeferenced, and many are not. Some available for purchase and some are free. A good source of historic maps for South Carolina.

SCIWAY - collection of many historic maps of South Carolina - https://www.sciway.net/hist/maps/mapsanteb.html

David Rumsey Collection - a tremendous collection of maps available online for South Carolina and beyond. Depending on the collection method, they can even be embedded in a modern map including Google and can be georeferenced. The Robert Mills atlas can be found out here as well. http://www.davidrumsey.com

Library of Congress - many maps, historic pictures, etc. https://www.loc.gov/maps/collections/



DOWNLOAD Historic Maps Here - a handful of scanned, georeferenced historic maps have been provided to us, and we are making them available for free. If you have any to share that can be added to the collection, please contact us. Download them here.

GIS Documents

Note: if any documents should be added, or if any errors are found, please contact us.

Address Standard - In April of 2000, the South Carolina Information Resource Council produced the final version of the "Address Database and Address Road Centerline Content Standards" document. This document can be utilized to assist with setting up road centerline field structure/content and is available for reference and download here.

Address Points - Why are they important? How are they being used at the state level? This document explains how address points help improve the quality of life for citizens in SC. You can download it here.

Ortho Standard - SC Geodetic Survey has developed an RFP template for orthos that is made available to any organization wishing to contract flights. Although use of this template is not required, it can help with the process. It is available for download here.

GIS Job Classifications - Using this link you can download a compiled list of GIS job classifications for multiple states.

GIS Talking Points and Marketing Plan - these documents were developed in conjunction with the updated strategic plan and are available here. They contain talking points to assist with speaking to decision makers and executive level personnel, as well as a marketing plan to help increase awareness of the benefit and value of GIS.

GIS Marketing - this page contains links to multiple documents that can be used to help market the concept of GIS and share information on its uses. These tools are especially beneficial when talking with decision makers.

MapBook Extension for ESRI's ArcGIS - this is a PowerPoint presentation on setup, functionality and usage of ESRI's MapBook extension. If you are considering putting together a map book for your organization and have not seen this free extension, you will definitely want to take a look at this presentation. The slide show was put together by Caroline Dunlap of Florence County GIS for the Fall 2008 Pee Dee User Group meeting. Click here to download file in PowerPoint format. Click here to download in PDF format.

SC GIS Strategic Plan (updated) - this is the updated strategic plan based on outreach sessions conducted around the state with local and state government organizations. This document and other materials can be downloaded here.

PlanGraphics Documents (old strategic plan and needs assessment) - These documents were written between 2000 and 2001 based on a contract with PlanGraphics in order to derive a strategic plan and needs assessment for the state GIS program. These documents are from the SMAC website.
- Strategic Plan Volume 1
- Strategic Plan Volume 2
- Needs Assessment

Guide to Developing GIS Data Access Policies - This document serves as a process framework for developing an effective GIS data access policy. Although written with local government GIS managers in mind, its concepts are fully transferable to state organizations as well. This can be used to help decision makers understand and formulate a GIS data access policy for their entire organization. The process encourages decision makers to review options for data distribution and carefully consider how implementing a policy will impact the organization, staff, private citizens, the business community, and other government agencies. Click here to download. This was a cooperative effort led by GAASC and included
- Connie Banegas, GIS Manager, Charleston Water, Charleston, SC
- Mark DePenning, GIS Administrator, City of Greenville, SC
- Tim De Troye, State GIS Coordinator, State of SC
- Rich Hamilton, GIS Administrator, Town of Hilton Head, SC
- Crystine Rathburn, GIS Manager, Florence County, SC
- Bryan Townsend, GIS Administrator, York County, SC
- Lynda Wayne, Federal Geographic Data Committee (GeoMaxim)









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