LUCA, the Census address verification program is getting underway in South Carolina for the upcoming 2020 census. This is Critically important for South Carolina from the local government/comunity level on up to the state level. It accounts for a tremendous amount of money per person over the course of the ten years between each census. For updated information on LUCA meetings and outreach, please visit the PROJECTS page.


Welcome to the SC GIS page. From here you can learn more about what various state agencies are doing with GIS, connect to and download data, as well as find documents to assist you in your GIS efforts - from use justifications to how to develop a data sharing agreement.


In 2006, a Memorandum of Agreement was signed by eight state agencies, establishing a GIS Coordination Council for the state of South Carolina.

The purpose of the Council is to better coordinate GIS activities in the State including spatial data collection and management, standards development and data and information sharing. The SCGIC also serves as the formal body to develop operational strategies and policies for GIS implementation among cooperating agencies in South Carolina.

In July 2007, a GIS Coordinator was hired to implement the GIS coordination duties and responsibilities defined by the Council. Primary among these is to serve as the liaison between state agencies represented on the Council and also between the Council and county, local and municipal governments and private sector organizations.

Mission Statement

Lead the nation in collaboration and utilization of geospatial resources which
achieve statewide goals to positively impact the lives of South Carolinians.

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